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Interested in a tandem skydive or any other skydiving experience? Then you’ve come to the right place. Adventure Skydives was established in 1994 in the pursuit of excellence in the skydiving market. We have skydived all over the world and bring with us a wealth of experience, second to none in parachuting. With the best views over the Vaal Dam, over 250 years of combined experience, over 50 000 combined jumps and a 100% safety rating, Adventure Skydives is your trusted partner for anything in the sky.

We specialise in tandem skydives, static line and accelerated free-fall, display jumping & corporate events, military training, stunts & movies.

Experience the Thrill of your Life

Tandem Skydives

Tandem Skydive

A tandem skydive is the quickest way to experience free-fall. After a short briefing, you will slip into a jumpsuit & harness. The jump will take place from 11,000ft with a qualified Tandem Master, who takes you through the entire experience from the introduction to the actual jump. Once in the aircraft and you are at altitude you will be clipped on to the Tandem Master and free-fall with him for about 40 seconds before he deploys the parachute. Once under the canopy, he will steer the parachute safely back to earth. He will even let you steer the parachute under his ever watchful eye.

Have a look at our Tandem Packages below.

Deluxe Tandem Skydive

Experience the Thrill of Your Life!
R2850 Per Person
  • Exit at 11.000ft
  • Tandem Jump
  • Hand Camera on Tandem Master's Wrist
  • 3rd Eye Camera Person

Awesome Tandem Skydive

Experience the Thrill of Your Life!
R2350 Per Person
  • Exit at 11,000ft
  • Tandem Jump
  • Hand Camera on Tandem Master's Wrist
  • 3rd Eye Camera Person

Adrenaline Tandem Skydive

Experience the Thrill of Your Life!
R1950 Per Person
  • Exit at 11,000ft
  • Tandem Jump
  • Hand Camera on Tandem Master's Wrist
  • 3rd Eye Camera Person

Display Jumping

Flying The Big South African Flag

The Adventure Skydives display team is made up of the cream of the skydiving community and has been thrilling crowds with their visual and professional displays for years. Whatever your needs, whether it’s promoting your brand, a sporting event, corporate day or television commercials – Adventure Skydives will choreograph your aerial display.

A parachute display brings excitement to the crowd as they watch the jumpers exit the aircraft and open their colourful parachutes. The jumpers can carry streamers, banners and branded flags for a more visual impact.

Adventure Skydives is also home to the Big South African Flag. Until recently the biggest in the world.

Our team members have delighted crowds at:

• Stadiums
• Schools
• Air Shows
• Telkom Cup Challenge
• Sun City Wave Pools
• Beach Weddings
• Super 14
• Stunts & Movies

Skydive Courses

Static Line Student Exiting The Aircraft

Adventure Skydives boasts to have some of the most experienced and professional instructors in the world, with many 1000’s of jumps between them.


After completion of Ground School (approx 6 hours), you will be guided through your jump by a qualified PASA instructor. They will assist you with exiting the aircraft from 3,500ft and your parachute will be opened directly from the aircraft. The instructor on the ground will then guide you in for a tiptoe landing. After this you can decide to either do more Static Line Free-falls or move on to the Accelerated Free-fall Progression Programme.

AFF PROGRESSION (Accelerated Free-fall)

Want to learn to skydive on the fast track? This is for you! After completion of Ground School (approx 6 hours), your first jump will be from no less than 10,000ft with two qualified instructors to assist you whilst free-falling. You will then open your own parachute and the instructor on the ground will guide you in for a safe landing. The AFF Progression Programme consists of 10 levels. Should you complete 7 levels successfully, you can be jumping by yourself after one weekend.

Stunts & Movies

Camera Crew Recording Actors Jumping Into Helicopter

We specialise in aerial related stunts in movies and television productions. Our elite group of highly skilled aviators and professional skydivers can produce any aerial scene you require. The love for the job and sport drives us to deliver the best, constantly challenging ourselves to make us the best and most experienced in our field.

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